Lea (weddingbeaches) wrote,

Lea's Kradam Fic Reclist: Part One

So I really enjoy reccing fics, and since Kradam is officially my OTP, I decided to make a Kradam fic reclist.

My taste tends toward happier fics (and things with hot sex), but I'm kind of picky, so everything you'll find here is really quality, I promise.

Each section is arranged generally in order of which I personally like most.

Unfortunately, the reclist got too long for one entry. This is now Part One. Don't miss:

&hearts: my absolute favorites
Italics: a new addition to the list! (Can also be found using the {NEW} tag.)

NEW! Introducing the new tagging system: control-f any of these key words to easily search for specific types of fics.
{NEW}- New to the reclist.
{est. rel.}- Established relationship.
{dys./ap.}- Apocalyptic or dystopian future fics.
{intoxication}- Drunkenness, weed, drug addictions, love drugs, etc.
{hospitals}- Injuries, they work in a hospital, etc.
{weddings}- Wedding planner fics, accidental marriages, arranged marriages, etc.
{rimming}- I'm sure there are more fics with rimming, but this is all I could remember.
Other: {underwear} {crime au} {thanksgiving} {body swap} {high school au} {robot!Kris} {angst} {angels/wings} {bottom!Adam} {morning after} {Idols tour} {Idol} {genderswap} {domestic} {unicorns} {sickness} {atmosphere} {rain} And more to be added soon!
(Note: I didn't tag podfic.) (Also, keywords that only apply to sequels are in parenthesis.)

You can also check out My Delicious account. It contains about half of this list, as well as all the new stuff I've read but haven't had a chance to add here yet, and the tagging system is much better (a.k.a. out of control detailed).

Table of Contents:

Part One (this entry)
Fandom Classics
This Universe: Future Fics
This Universe: Could Have Already Taken Place
This Universe: Mainly About the Hot Sex
AU: Magical
AU: Possible

Part Two
Bonus: Non Kradam, AI related fic
Bonus: Jerakeen and Astolat in detail
Beginners guide to Kradam media
Miscellaneous (mainly graphics)

Fandom Classics
Obviously, this is just my opinion. You might consider different fics to be fandom classics; that's fine.

♥♥Take This Sinking Boat by ink_like_blood- This is actually the first Kradam fic I ever read. Obviously, afterwards, I was hooked. This is also literally the best thing ever in the entire world. Hot, pwp sequel: Then We'll Throw It On the Fire.

♥♥More Myself With You by jerakeen- The ultimate future fic. Also known as the 42k fic. Kris and Adam are best friends and slowly become more. This is kind of a must read requirement sort of fic. Because it's amazing. It has like a billion sequels, collected as Ever After. Quite a few of the sequels are completely, incredibly amazing, even as stand alone fics. Basically, this is the best, most realistic, most fully developed future fic universe in all of Kradam fic.

House of the Living by astolat- In the middle of the Idol tour, a zombie outbreak occurs! The Idols have to deal with it. I have a zombie fetish, so, um, hell yes! Also check out this theatrical trailer by cheapxdate. {sickness} {dys./ap.} {angst} {Idols tour}

If It Kills Me by buffyx- The first time I read this, it was 5:30 am and I was at a friend's house. Her internet stopped working right as I was trying to click from part 3 to 4. So I snuck out of her house, got in my car with my laptop, and drove around her neighborhood until I found some free wifi. It was that important that I read this. (Just thought I'd share the depths of my insanity with everyone here.) Now with a sequel! Here We Are

The Rescue Blues by phaballa- The Kris has amnesia fic.

Apples Are Not the Only Fruit by bexless- The Adam's car breaks down in Kris's small town and Kris helps him fix it and Adam is a movie star AU.

♥♥Melt Into Time by butterfly- I don't even know how to describe how amazing this fic is. Kris finds out Adam is engaged and goes back in time to change things. It's so intense and so emotional and I don't know if I have ever been so excited about a fic while reading it. {angst} {bottom!Adam}

Just One Sheep by abusing_sarcasm- The end possibly the best thing ever in the entire world. (And by end, I mean sex scene.) {Idols tour}

Southside of Heaven by asouthernthing- Adam is on drugs AU. Ridiculously awesome beyond belief. Warnings for drug use, but it's overall hopeful, don't worry. {intoxication}

Future Legend by winterlive- Post-apocalyptic fic! I love post-apocalyptic everything, and this was completely genius and creative and just amazing. Adam in this story, just oh my god. Now with a short sequel thing! {dys./ap.}

Wizard Not Included by phaballa- Very Adam-centric. Adam/Brad and Adam's feelings about the his life, as well as some Adam/Kris friendship, I guess? But it's freaking awesome. {Idol}

Percentages by cathalin- This fic is awesome, but what are even more awesome are it's two sequels.

All These Things That I've Done by winterlive- This fic is weird. It's an AU, a violent, weird, genius AU. And you should read it because despite it being completely not what I expected when I started reading it, I still loved it. {angst} {crime au}

Summer Boys by ruby_fruit- Superpowers-summercamp!AU. Um. Read it anyway! Now with an amazingly hot, must read sequel!!! Hearing Only One Root Note ({bottom!Adam} {rimming} {est. rel.}

Building Jerusalem (Directions Not Included) by amproof- So, I haven't actually read this one, but only because it is 125,419 words long O_O, but I think it should be on here regardless, because amproof is amazing, and this is one fic that almost everyone who has read it agrees on: it's a true fandom classic. {NEW}

(This Is) Not a Statement by seperis- This is another one I haven't actually read yet, and this time that is basically BLASPHEMY, because seperis is my favorite ever ever ever, but the word count is over 50,000, and I've kind of been saving it for a time when I could really really enjoy it, and somehow now I've built it up into kind of a thing, and... no one really cares, I'm sure. But anyway, I have heard from every person who has read this fic that it is the best thing to ever exist, and seperis is my god, so, read it. (Link is to the last part; previous parts are linked on that page.) {NEW}

Things that could have taken place in this world- Future fics

♥♥On the Verge of Something Wonderful by jerakeen- I may say 'this is the hottest fic ever' about some other fics, but if I do, I am lying. This fic, it receives the title of The Hottest Fic Lea Has Ever Read. There is one particular moment that wins it that title definitively, but I can't tell you what it is or it will ruin it. READ IT.

take what we want and give the rest away by lux__aeterna- OH MY GOD. I just read this, and it blew my mind. The details make this fic amazing; it feels so real! And there is this one line that is just the best thing ever. And tons of lines that are close to being the best thing ever.

♥♥♥Only Take What You Can Carry by seperis- Um, where do I even begin. This is officially one of my favorite fics ever ever ever. YOU MUST READ IT. MUST. It's told out of order and it's Kris and Adam on a road trip to South by Southwest but why I cannot tell you or it would ruin it. (If you want to know what I think of it, I guess go check out the longest comment in the world after you finish reading the fic, but why anyone would care what I think I have no idea.) (Also, the title comes from a Snow Patrol song!!!! (Snow Patrol is my favorite band.))

All the More For That by jerakeen- 10 years after Idol, Kris and Adam haven't talked in a while. When they have to see each other again at Allison's wedding, they have to figure out if the feelings are still there. For some reason, this is officially my favorite Jerakeen fic. And there isn't even lots of sex! It's just INCREDIBLE anyway. {angst} {weddings}

Heart Line by cathalin- This fic just sucks you in and makes you feel all the tension and intensity as if you were actually living it. It's incredible. {atmosphere}

He Moves in Mysterious Ways by seperis- seperis is my new favorite author I think. This was pretty much perfect. It's a get together fic exactly the way I like them. And the atmosphere is amazing. Like, I want to crawl into this fic and live in it, that type of atmosphere. {atmosphere} {rain}

Curtain Shopping by cathalin- THIS FIC IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE. It's been like a month since I read this and I still really want to flail all over the place just thinking about it. Seriously. READ IT. {domestic}

(This Could Be) The Very Minute by likealocket- 600ish words about Kris realizing he's in love with Adam while he's standing in Adam's apartment's kitchen. Completely gorgeous. {domestic}

Shuffling the Cards [Watching the World Go Round] by holycitygirl- Kris goes back to Arkansas to try to move on from Adam. Unsurprisingly, that doesn't quite work out as planned. The entire last section of this fic is gorgeous and amazing, and there's one line in the second to last section that made me so happy.

There's Always a Reason to Take the Scenic Route by jeyhawk- This fic made me smile so hard! It was so completely awesomely adorable! :D

And Play a Favorite Song by linzeestyle- A gorgeous future fic. What I really love about it is how it continues past their initial getting together for a bit; very satisfying.

Worth the Wait by lightgetsin- Kris gets a nipple piercing. But holy shit, this was amazing in so many more ways than just 'Kris gets a nipple piercing'. The dynamic between them made me unbelievably happy in this. {est. rel.}

House Hunting by seperis- This is seperis, so this is gold. It's a snippet like thing about established relationship!Kradam house hunting. {est. rel.}

I Get To Kiss You, Baby by minglingcrab- This story is so fantastic! It's detailed and hilarious and it will make you cry. And it's different! It's messier than most fics. Now with two sequels! No Finish Line and Harder to Look Away. {angst}

Up Against the Wall by mars_daydream- Realization fic. I love every single thing about this fic. It's awesome, fumbling, and nervous and SO HOT. This fic made me so happy!

Compare and Contrast (and other drabbles) by cjmarlowe- Kradam and Cookleta. All of these drabbles are amazing, but this one is just so sweet; it makes me smile lots. {est. rel.}

Got to Let It Show by mosca- The format is incredible and genius, and it's extremely realistic and hilarious. Sections 21 is super hot and 23 is just awesome.

Home by yekoc- I'm such a sucker for domestic fics. *sighs happily* {est. rel.} {domestic}

i was going to get on with my life [don't seem right without you] by holycitygirl- Kris randomly ropes Adam into a road trip to Arkansas and awesome things happen. It's much deeper than that, though, really. (But, really, I shouldn't even need to explain why something written by holycitygirl is awesome.)

don't want to beg you baby [for something maybe you could never give] by holycitygirl- Adam's waiting for Kris and they are at a party and then there is rain and this is amazing. {atmosphere} {rain}

look in my direction [i'll be 'round] by holycitygirl- What Kris likes about Adam. This drabble puts into words some of the dynamic that I love most about them. {est. rel.}

Fall of the Media by preromantics- Includes awesome fake newspaper articles! Very realistic and extremely awesome. I smiled so much at the end. :)

Set Our Watches Forward Like We're Just Arriving Here by summerstorm- Kris has a broken wrist. The end is incredible. {hospitals}

knocking on your door (baby, baby, please now) by jeyhawk- Kris keeps almost dying, and it makes him realize that he needs to fight for what he wants. {hospitals}

Causality by lolitaray- An Adam-is-in-the-hospital-and-Kris-refuses-to-leave-his-room fic. This comes with Insights, a short companion piece that has a really gorgeous Brad scene. {hospitals} {sickness}

With A Little Help From Jose Cuervo by blue_icy_rose- Morning after fic! I love those! And this one is majorly awesome. {intoxication} {morning after}

All Just Noise by audrarose- The get in a bar fight and then have sex. I love the characterization, especially Adam.

Walk Down Your Broken Line by cynnet- Future fic with a mild amount of angst. Also, there is weed. I love fics with weed. {intoxication} {angst}

whatever else we come to [i know we could be so happy] by holycitygirl- Adam is sure of the existence of parallel universes. I love this concept. And don't miss the companion piece, set in the alternate universe: searching our past for the true [You and I]

breathe you in [taste every moment] by holycitygirl- They're in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and it's very atmospheric. {est. rel.} {atmosphere}

Welcome Home by condancer- This is fantastic. After being on opposite sides of the world for weeks, they finally get to see each other again and then rimming happens. Kris rimming Adam though. This is hot. {rimming}

Plans by ruby_fruit- A cute, awesome get together fic.

A Few Minutes on Friday by summerstorm- Adam takes a short break from his European tour to visit Kris. {est. rel.}

And Babylon's Right Next Door by templemarker- Kris does aphrodisiacs in the back of a limo with Brad, Adam, and Brad's date. Obviously, this is awesome. {intoxication}

A Little Down That Road by gypsy_scribbles- They take a trip to New Mexico together and end up getting much closer.

The Milky Way (at night) by cathalin- Established (new) relationship, they go camping and look at the stars. :) {est. rel.} {bottom!Adam}

Seeing by funnilyenough- Hot sex! Future fic. I have very minor Katy issues with it, but oh my god it's so hot. So hot.

Far More Than Fleeting by jenslore- Adam gets addicted to drugs because fame is overwhelming; Kris is there for him. The way this is written is really amazing and intense and emotional in a good way at the end. {intoxication}

Most of us Prizefighters by funnilyenough- Drunk!Kris and lonely and closed off!Adam. {intoxication}

Off the Menu by bexless- Kradam at a Starbucks. Adam and the barista = :) :)

Out, Damn'd Spot by bexless- Kris ruins Adam's baby unicorn skin shoes and is afraid. {est. rel.} {unicorns}

Former American Idols Arrested in Drug-Fueled Snow-Shoveling Break-Dancing Rampage by captanddeastar- Despite the really long title, this is really awesome fluff. Adam is excellent and silly and the whole thing is really sweet. {est. rel.}

I'll Be Here When You Wake by claire_kay- Everything else on this list is really happy and nice, right? So you probably trust me not to rec sad stuff? Well this is SAD. Like, I felt unsettled and depressed for the entire day after I read this. My happy, idealized picture of Kradam was all broken. I mean, it's not like non-con or anything, it's more that it's sad in a realistic way? Except not, because it's totally depressing? I don't know, BE WARNED. (It's really so well done though, or it wouldn't be on here at all.) {angst} {bottom!Adam}

Want by sporadic_fic- A first kiss, scary and messy and awesome.

Love Game by butterfly- Despite warnings that might squick you, you should read this anyway. And also the sequel: Everything in a Day

Adam's Place by aneas- Adam's flat feel empty without Kris.

A Month by minglingcrab- Their first real fight after getting married. {est. rel.}

Don't Leave Me This Way by poppetawoppet- Five times Kris left Adam and one time he didn't.

I Know This Could Be That Freefall by asouthernthing- Future!fic, they're moving to a new house. {est. rel.} {domestic}

Thanksgiving-y ficlet by jeyhawk- Very cute! {est. rel.} {thanksgiving}

Tradition by bexless- Adam doesn't think Kris is going to go to his birthday party but Kris stops by for a minute on his way out of town. A little angsty. {angst}

Any Other Way by funnilyenough- I like author's summary: 'Kris and Adam were always going to end up together. Also, Kris breaks stuff.'

A Rumour by lolitaray- Kris thinks Adam is on drugs and makes it his mission to make sure he's okay. {intoxication}

A Kiss is Just a Kiss by cydsa- Adam is horny and Kris offers to help him out.

A Fragile Fire by cheapxdate- A little angsty; they keep meeting in hotel rooms. {angst}

Things that could have taken place in this world- Things that would have already taken place

Pop Goes the World by abusing_sarcasm- Her Adam perspective is insanely amazing. {Idols tour}

Everything All the Time by battleofhydaspe- I just read this recently, but it's already one of my very favorite Kradam fics. The tone of it is really natural and intimate, and it's just gorgeously written. READ THIS if you haven't!!! {domestic} {atmosphere}

want to be with you, be with you [night and day] by holycitygirl- So this is the fic that started my holycitygirl obsession. Kris didn't call Adam to wish him a happy new year and all Adam wants is for him to not have to be the one to reach out and start something. This is gorgeous and amazing, and Come On by Tegan and Sara just happened to come up on shuffle while I was reading and I was like 'holy shit this song is perfect for this fic!' and now Come On is one of my favorite songs ever and I wouldn't have ever paid attention to it without this fic. (You can listen to it here or download it here (longer version) and here (original version), if you're interested.)

Feel Better by bexless- So, explaining why I love this would ruin it. Just read it. {angst} {Idols tour} {sickness}

Two drabbles- Bring It Back and From the Ashes by morganlight- So I had been wanting a From the Ashes fic for a while, and so I posted the prompt in a Kradam party and morganlight wrote this incredible drabble for it!!!! I was so happy!! It was exactly what I was hoping for! :D :D (The other one is awesome too, but obviously my excitement is focused on the one I requested.)

Once by cathalin- This made me want to cry, but in a good way. And there's one line that made my heart feel all funny. {angst} {Idols tour}

We'd Be Good, We'd Be Great by adelate- Kris and Adam get mistaken for a couple sometimes, but that doesn't actually mean anything of course. Except, duh, it does. {Idols tour}

Tin Cans with Strings to You by battleofhydaspe- They're at a club and then stuff happens. All of battleofhydaspe's fics have amazing atmosphere, and this is definitely no exception. {intoxication} {Idols tour} {atmosphere}

So Much Softer Now by preromantics- "The night before the final show, Kris feels completely out of his own skin." {rimming} {Idol} {atmosphere}

The Monroe and sequel You Break Me Down by audrarose- Kris takes a strange pill while at a club and makes out with Adam. The sequel is the next day. I'm really in love with the sequel, it's got fantastic UST (that gets resolved). {intoxication} {morning after} {Idols tour}

December by kissoffools- An awesome holiday fic, including a New Years Eve kiss. {est. rel.}

Events Unnerve Me by yeats- Gorgeous, though bittersweet. {angst} {atmosphere}

Surrender by condancer- Kris decided to surrender to his feelings for Adam. But then they have to wait a few hours to actually hook up and that makes it so hot. {Idols tour}

You Steal My Lines, You Strike Me Dumb by summerstorm- This was good, in an interesting way. {est. rel.} {bottom!Adam} {Idols tour} {atmosphere} {rain}

Spend the Light to Go by sprat- This is really good, but a little sad. {angst} {Idols tour} {atmosphere}

Tangled Up by butterfly- A 'Kradam hook up during Idol and things are angsty and complicated' fic, except really, really well done. She made it very realistic and sympathetic. {Idol}

Magnetic by abusing_sarcasm- Kris can't stop touching Adam's dick. {Idols tour}

But in the Bright Lights by preromantics- Adam is wearing lacy underwear. Kris tries to ignore it but can't. {underwear} {Idol}

The Killing Moon by lux__aeterna- This has a warning at the top that says 'if you just read "take what we want...", don't read this. it might kill your buzz.' That = TRUTH. I love the summary/quote thing, this is the worst thing you've ever done. This fic is fucked up, but so well done. {angst} {Idol}

Precious Heart by cydsa- Adam rejected Kris because he thought it was the right thing to do, but now he's sad and Kris is too and... anyway, basically they have to get past that, and it's awesome. I love get together fics.

Did I Find You, or You Find Me? by honey_wheeler- God, I barely even remember what this was about, but I'm sure it was really good and also a little sad. It's been f-locked for a while, but now it's apparently not, so check it out! {angst}

Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep by starlight_1985 {Idol}

HATERS TO THE LEFT (or: How Kris Allen Learned to Embrace His Inner Kanye) by buffyx- The title pretty much describes itself. (This is gen, btw.) {Idol}

On Neptune It Rains Diamonds by willowbell- Author's description: 'a few days before the finale, things come to a head.' {Idol}

Silence Isn't Golden by lolitaray- Kris is sick on tour and Adam comforts him. Kinda angsty. {angst} {Idols tour}

Whataya Want From Me by risti- Written to fit the music video for Whataya Want From Me, which was amazinggggggg, so, if you've seen that, go read this and be angsty/happy. {angst}

Best for Last by dial_alexandria- Drabbles based on one word prompts.

Things that could have taken place in this world- Mainly about the hot sex
This category also includes fics that are really hot but also sad. I can't deal with the sad, so I just focus on the hotness, and then the fic ends up in this category.

Not Like That by astolat- For some reason, this is officially one of the hottest fics I have ever read in my life. There is weed and it isn't like that between them, except then it really is. Obviously. {intoxication} {bottom!Adam} {atmosphere}

Mornings Like This (and other ficlets) by sprat- THIS IS SO HOT. LIKE, SO HOT. Also in this entry, one Kris is jealous of Tommy, one Adam/Cassidy, and one Tommy/Kris/Adam, which surprisingly did not make me want to die. {est. rel.} {domestic} {atmosphere}

Say Your Fault by abriata- This is one of the hottest fics I have ever read ever. Like, this has very detailed explicit sex that is mind blowingly hot. {est. rel.}

Serious by ihearthings_ii- Hot sex. Kris wants Adam to stop being so careful with him. {est. rel.} {rimming}

And a Little Leather by cathalin- Really, really, really hot sex (glove kink!) with depth. {angst} {bottom!Adam}

lots of really, really hot drabbles by cjmarlowe- These are all so hot and make me smile lots.

Blush by risti- This fic goes in the hot sex category even though there is no sex in it because it is the hottest UST ever ever. UNF. {underwear} {Idols tour}

Words on Skin by preromantics- Kris writes on Adam's skin. Really, really hot. {Idols tour} {atmosphere}

Dizzy with Desire by jeyhawk- From the prompt 'Adam makes Kris from body kisses'. Hottttttt. {est. rel.}

Means to an End by lolitaray- This was HOT. Like, seriously. And the sequel! Turnabout

Winner Takes All by astolat- This is actually kind of Adam/everyone ever, but oh my god it's one of the hottest fics I've ever read and I can't even explain it. It also comes with a hot Kradam cut scene here. {Idols tour}

Burn It Up by sprat- Closet sex.

Easy Morning by gypsycaravan- Adam wakes Kris up with rimming. It's exactly as incredibly hot as it sounds like it could be. {est. rel.} {rimming}

Hot On Your Heels by arabella_hope- Adam puts makeup on Kris, really, really hot sex ensues. {Idol}

Not What It Says on the Box by cjmarlowe- Adam thinks Kris is vanilla. {est. rel.}

Inside by abusing_sarcasm- Kris loves to be fingered. Obviously, this is really hot. {est. rel.}

Keep It In the Cage by gypsycaravan- Kris is obsessed with Adam's cock. {Idols tour}

Sugar and Spice by cjmarlowe- Open relationship and knife play, but you should read it anyway. Very hot.

The Same Boy You've Always Known by asouthernthing- Fisting, but sad. (This is how I have it described in my memories, and it makes me laugh.) {angst}

Asking for the Sea by ruby_fruit- Angry sex. {angst}

Charity ficlets roundup by cjmarlowe

From Our Hands They Will Melt by iheartthings_ii- Kris loves being fingered. Explicitly. {est. rel.}

AUs- the magic and aliens type
Ex. Love drugs, magic puppies, unicorns, time travel, gender swap, etc.

doesn't have to be perfect, just has to be real by jeyhawk- This is the Kradam fic I have always been wanting. Or, it has the line that I have always been wanting, but I didn't even know I was missing it. Basically, I'm crying in my school cafeteria and this is perfect.

Day Grows Slowly by abriata- Kris and Adam have wings. I think this was intended to be a pwp, but they have wings and they can fly and even though there is no flying in the story, I just, that is the best image I have ever had in my mind, Kris and Adam, flying with their wings. (Also in this entry is an excellent Kris/Kris/Adam ficlet.) Now with an AMAZING sequel! Without Color or Sound {angels/wings} {Idol} {atmosphere}

Roundabout by lolitaray- Reallllyy hot. Kris on a love drug. {intoxication} {Idols tour}

Five things Kris said to Adam during their body swap and one thing he didn't by rixiel- They swap bodies? IDK why but I'm really fond of this fic. {body swap} {Idol}

The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down by ruby_fuit- Kradam get transported to an alternate universe where they find a unicorn. It's really, really, really awesome, I promise you. (Also, side note, this name of this fic comes from the song The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down by Blue October, which is also the song I got my username from! \O/ \O/) {unicorns}

With Feathers So Hollow by asouthernthing- An angel/devil AU. Every word is gorgeous and moving and the end made me all shivery. {est. rel.} {angels/wings} {angst} {atmosphere}

City of a Thousand Wonders by astolat- A crazy, magical energy, new age knight, soul sucking producers AU. It's insane, even by Idol fic standards, but it's astolat, so of course it's amazing.

Kiss a Girl by setissma- Adam's temporarily a girl. Which could be taken as a good reason to not read this, but I promise, this is really sweet and really hot, so read it anyway. {genderswap}

Wind Up the Sun and Moon by merryish- Adam is an angel! I have this kind of fear of all Angel AUs because for some reason I always assume they'll end unhappily but this is so sweet and amazing! {angels/wings}

Suppose It's Too Much to Call Coincidence by seperis- The magic puppy fic! \O/ Umm... I can't really explain it all that well, but basically, Kris has a magical guardian puppy and the entire fic is amazing and has a really awesome OC and there's a really, really, really hot sex scene that I re-read all the time randomly.

And If I Move by setissma- Adam grows wings. And it's a beautiful, future fic get together. I love it sooooo much. {angels/wings}

Literally Glittery by cynnet- Everything Adam touches turns to glitter! Basically, this story is crack genius. Also, the title is fantastic. {Idol} {Idols tour}

Physics Makes Us All Its Bitches by cjmarlowe- Body swap fic!!! But it's Kris and Brad who swap bodies! This is so good and Brad is awesome in this. {body swap}

Unholy, Dirty, and Beautiful by cjmarlowe- A Supernatural verse apocalypse fic. I spent the entire first half of this fic FREAKING OUT and the second half being way too excited. {dys./ap.}

The Light of the Bright World by abriata- Kris is an android! This fic is really original, even if somehow the concept of Kris being an android isn't. (What a cool fandom we have that there are actually several Kris is an android fics. O_o) Anyway, this was surprisingly deep (but not depressing) and really awesome to read. {robot!Kris}

Here in Secret Harmonies by miss_begonia- A crazy, HP based AU where Hogwarts is based on music legends instead of the normal four houses and magic is based around crazy music energy and basically it's crack but it's really genius and creative.

They Come in Threes by roga- Adam finds a wizard in his vodka and gets three wishes. (Merlin crossover!)

Once (Or Twice Or Forever) by sweethrt_fics- I love the concept behind this. A series of short scenes from different lives; they always meet.

Hanging Like Bricks Don't by minglingcrab- Aka the aliens made them do it fic.

Taking a Toll by abriata- Adam sends Kris back in time to be his first time and help him through hard times in his life. This is so crazy awesome. The entire idea and then watching Adam grow up and Kris being all wise, and it's just genius. {est. rel.}

Beauty in the Breakdown by baxen- Kradam are zombies. This is a domestic, established relationship fic. O_o {domestic} {dys./ap.} {est. rel.}

It Is Written by abusing_sarcasm- Adam is a unicorn! And Kris is a prince! {unicorns}

Crabby by minglingcrab- Sometimes Kris turns into a crab. Literally.

Not Just Any Frog by cydsa- Adam is a frog and Kris has to kiss him.

Sight by sporadic_fic- Adam is a little bit psychic. Very cool concept. {Idol}

AUs- no magic
Ex. high school AUs, cop AUs, didn't try out for Idol AUs, etc.

Far Along This Road by jerakeen- Kris owns a bar and Adam is a one night stand in a club that turns into more. With sequels Like a Heart Needs a Beat, Sunday Morning, Backstage, and Valentine's Day. {sickness} {angst}

Anything But Lonely by gypsy_scribbles- Older, confident, out Kris meets shy, awkward teenage Adam AU. Sounds a little weird, but it's so, so sweet. (And the reunion scene is hot.) {high school au}

Renegade by cynnet- This is ridiculously, crazy awesome, even though there is NOT ENOUGH OF IT AT ALL. It's a crazy dystopia where people can only have 2 kids and Adam is a criminal and they are in jail. {atmosphere} {dys./ap.}

No Time To Ring the Alarm by jewhawk- They're detectives working undercover at a nightclub. This story is just awesome, especially Kris in it. {crime au}

Mint Condition, Special Edition, Very Rare, and Lined with Glitter by jeyhawk- Kris goes on a singles cruise but falls for the entertainment. Awesome and hilarious.

Ace by winterlive- Kris is a physical therapist and Adam is an injured pro tennis player. Then there is really hot sex.

Water and Solutions by battleofhydaspe- AU, they get high on a fire escape. {intoxication} {atmosphere}

Hungry Boys [will do anything] by holycitygirl- Bonnie and Clyde style Kradam! By holycitygirl, which means it's automatically fantastic. Now with a sequel! contemplating [every step in the struggle] {crime au} {angst} {atmosphere}

Physician, Heal Thyself by mybestexcuse- A they-work-in-a-hospital AU that's pretty awesome. {hospitals}

Kris & Adam's Infinite Playlist by phaballa- A Nick & Norah's AU. Awesome kissing scene.

Paper Gangsta by cynnet- Kris is an assassin who doesn't really want to kill Adam. Epilogue: Rhinestone Brass Knuckles (...That might not actually be the title of the epilogue but whatever.) {crime au}

I've Got Your Number by yekoc- AU, Kris gets invited to Thanksgiving with Adam's family. There is excellent Neil, Leila, and dorky Kris. Now with three sequels! Sleepyhead, Smile Upon Me, and Better Things. {thanksgiving} ({atmosphere})

Kradam football AU by captanddeastar- This is unfinished. It's notes on a fic and a few excerpts. You should read it anyway. It doesn't matter that it's incomplete, it's genius and there's one really brilliant passage in one of the snippets that makes it completely worth it.

Falling All Over You by jeyhawk- (Link is to the last part, with links to the other parts there.) A series about public sex. Kris and Adam meet by having sex in public and then continue doing so. There is an over arching plot, but the hotness almost overwhelms it. (This is still a WIP, just warning you.)

We Are Golden by yekoc- This is a high school AU that goes a little differently than usual, which makes it so much more interesting to read. {high school au} {angst}

from this moment (you are the one) by jeyhawk- Jeyhawk has this gift for taking unromantic situations and making them amazing and romantic. Kris accepts a marriage proposal from Adam in order to save his family's winery. Kind of. {weddings}

Shame Those Stars by funnilyenough- High school AU where Kris is cast as Romeo in the school play and Adam isn't cast as Juliet except he totally is. {high school au}

Success by l3petitemort- Adam moves to Arkansas. {high school au}

Turn It All Around by funnilyenough- A really awesome AU about how the don't try out for Idol but meet in New York instead.

You Kind of Stayed With Me by aneas- Adam is a wedding planner. This fic is cool, though, because it isn't exactly what you'd expect. (I was so happily surprised when it wasn't what I expected.) {weddings}

Stole Mine (Steal Yours) by abriata- Adam's a rockstar and he kidnaps Kris and takes him on tour with him.

A Chance Meeting by jeyhawk- Olympics AU! Adam is a figure skater and Kris.... snow boards? I don't remember. Anyway, it was awesome.

Safe is Overrated by cjmarlowe- Adam works at Starbucks college AU. Also in this entry, mirror!sex.

Quod Gratis Asseritur, Gratis Negatur by summerstorm- West Wing AU! Kris is Adam's assistant.

The City That Never Sleeps by lemonade_lady- AU, Kris moves to New York to pursue music and meets Adam.

You've Got Music by buffyx- You've Got Mail AU. Kris is Meg Ryan and Adam is Tom Hanks.

So Pull Me Out of This Dream by misswhy- Adam is famous, drinks too much and sleeps with strangers. Kris is one of those strangers, but different. {intoxication}

Firsts by gypsy_scribbles- They've been best friends their whole lives, but how can Kris deal with Adam wanting to go to clubs and hook up when he's in love with Adam? {high school au}

Blind Leading the Blind by gypsy_scribbles- Kris is set up on a blind date, but doesn't realize it's going to be with a guy. Like you might expect, things turn out alright anyway. Now with sequel! Waking Up. ({morning after})

Tags: adam, fic, kradam, kris, reclist, recs

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