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Lea's Kradam Fic Reclist: Part Two

Unfortunately, the reclist got too long for one entry. This is now Part Two. Don't miss:

&hearts: my absolute favorites
Italics: a new addition to the list! (Can also be found using the {NEW} tag.)

NEW! Introducing the new tagging system: control-f any of these key words to easily search for specific types of fics.
{NEW}- New to the reclist.
{est. rel.}- Established relationship.
{dys./ap.}- Apocalyptic or dystopian future fics.
{intoxication}- Drunkenness, weed, drug addictions, love drugs, etc.
{hospitals}- Injuries, they work in a hospital, etc.
{weddings}- Wedding planner fics, accidental marriages, arranged marriages, etc.
{rimming}- I'm sure there are more fics with rimming, but this is all I could remember.
Other: {underwear} {crime au} {thanksgiving} {body swap} {high school au} {robot!Kris} {angst} {angels/wings} {bottom!Adam} {morning after} {Idols tour} {Idol} {genderswap} {domestic} {unicorns} {sickness} {atmosphere} {rain} And more to be added soon!
(Note: I didn't tag podfic.) (Also, keywords that only apply to sequels are in parenthesis.)

You can also check out My Delicious account. I've added a good amount of the fics on this list, and the tagging system is much better.

Table of Contents:

Part One
Fandom Classics
This Universe: Future Fics
This Universe: Could Have Already Taken Place
This Universe: Mainly About the Hot Sex
AU: Magical
AU: Possible

Part Two (this entry)
Bonus: Non Kradam, AI related fic
Bonus: Jerakeen and Astolat in detail
Beginners guide to Kradam media
Miscellaneous (mainly graphics)

Not Kradam, AI-related Fic
This is mainly Adam/not Kris. I can't really handle Kris/not Adam, so, um, too bad if that's what you were looking for? Oh! There is also some Cookleta! Because I think they're cute.

Call Me by ruby_fruit- Adam/Brad. Possibly my favorite Bradam fic ever. I don't even know. It's just amazing. Phone sex.

Dearly Beloved, or: Adam is An Alien and Has To Marry Simon Cowell by bexless- This is crack, and it is hilarious. Seriously, I laughed for so long.

How the Light Gets In by ruby_fruit- Brad/Adam. This fic makes me feel all mushy and happy inside! And there is seriously hot sex. Their dynamic in this fic is awesome, and it's really cool to see Adam through this perspective. {est. rel.} {atmosphere}

Nomenclature by winterlive- Adam/Brad. This is just extremely amazing. The atmosphere and how hot the whole thing is and Brad. :D {est. rel.} {bottom!Adam} {atmosphere}

Not Gonna Write You a Love Song by mjules- Adam/Dustin Lance Black, the guy who wrote the screenplay for Milk! Dustin Lance Black gave the most beautiful acceptance speech ever for his Best Screenplay Oscar; it seriously made me cry. (Watch it here.) This fic is extremely awesome, and Dustin Lance Black is both extremely awesome and not someone I ever thought there would be fic about, and when I read this I was kind of extremely happily surprised by the whole experience. {bottom!Adam}

Oh, What a Night by scalabrine- Bradam at Adam's birthday party. This is all awesome and happy and exactly everything you've been wanting in a Adam's birthday party fic. It even comes with mood music! {intoxication}

My Brother In Arms by sparkbyspark- Zombieland Cookleta!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! And it's extremely well done! And it's full of 28 Days Later references as well as being based on Zombieland and it is just amazing. Like, AMAZING. {dys./ap.}

It's a New Dawn by winterlive- Adam/Zachary Quinto. Um, this is extremely awesome? And hot. I mean, it's ZQ!

Mastermind by astolat- Archuleta is not as innocent as people suspect. This is hilarious and hot. (Cookleta.) {intoxication}

Shadows Held the World in Place by ruby_fruit- Adam/Brad. Cross dressing. Really, really, really hot sex. {est. rel.} {underwear}

Claused by astolat- Cookleta. It's in his contract that he has to start dating Cook, but then it kind of works. I love the end of this fic.

Time of You Life by astolat- Cookleta. Pretty much just a get together fic. But it's awesome.

Real Forever If by astolat- Cookleta. There's some crazy thing where people end up fixated on someone and then that person is supposed to be, like, their sexual mentor, and Archuleta gets fixated on Cook and then they have to deal with it and have lots and lots of sex.

Not a Tame Lion by ruby_fruit- Adam gen, mentions of Adam/Brad. This is about Adam being extremely awesome.

Proximity by astolat- Cookleta. Cook likes to touch Archie, but Archie reacts maybe rather more than he thinks is normal.

The Thing Is by scribblinlenore- Adam/Tommy. Angry sex. ....I kind of hated myself for thinking this was hot, but it was totally hot.

Zombies Ate Your Idols (They Were Delicious) by solarcat05- Adam goes on tour with My Chemical Romance and some how ends up getting Kris to come along. (Kradam pre-slash, mentions of Kraty, vague Frank/Gerard. Actually, it's mostly just gen.)

Publicity by astolat- Katy/Adam/Kris. Somehow, this is really hot, even though normally it would squick me.

girl!Adam/Tommy by abriata- Somehow, Adam is a girl. So, you know, then he has to go shopping and sleep with Tommy. {genderswap} {NEW}

Drive-By Devotion by astolat- Tommy/Adam. They get married in Vegas on accident. {weddings}

Little Lies by phaballa- Adam through David Cook's eyes. Very cool perspective.

Jerakeen and Astolat's fics in detail
Both these authors are so popular and have written so many fic that putting all of their fics in the main reclist would be silly. (Only my very favorites of theirs are in the main list.)


Jerakeen has written a ridiculous number of fics, and not a single one of them has been anything else than completely excellent. So, you should really just go read every single one of them, but, here is a list of the ones I like best (that aren't already in the main list). (Which might end up being over half of them, but whatever.) But first:

everything jerakeen has ever written


Lay Down My Heart- The jealous Adam fic. Future fic, Adam rejected Kris a month ago, but now that Kris is trying to move on, Adam doesn't handle it well. (Oh my god. Adam is amazing in this.) {angst}

The Couch- Future fic, they are watching tv on Kris's too small couch but are too busy being ~aware of each other to pay attention. (as;ajs;jas;as;ck cak;hhv)

Just a Glance Away- AU. Adam meets Kris and Allison (for the first time) in a park and they end up spending the day together. It's random and perfect. With sequels Something in Your Eyes and What Were the Chances.

Hang the Sense of It- AU. During their second date, a dinosaur crashes into the restaurant and then they have to hide in a closet. This fic is incredibly amazing! Now with a short sequel! The Introduction. And a sequel to that! The Supply Closet.

La Mer- Kris is a mermaid!!! This was written for reel_idol, a fic challenge for which I was a mod, so I am especially fond of it. But regardless of that, this whole fic is just UNF. And makes your heart all squishy as well.

Epiphany- Future fic. Kris is drunk, and he has an epiphany. With sequels, The Date, Be Cool, and Stay. {intoxication}

From the Moment- The hospital fic. Kris is in an accident and Adam freaks out. {hospitals}

Brand New Shoes- The blind date fic. AU, Adam avoids his blind date by spending the day with Kris and Kris figures out he wants to change his shoes, metaphorically. (Extremely awesome.)

Morning and sequel Breakfast- Future fic, drabbles about the morning after. (Hot, awesome tense (in a hot way) atmosphere.) {morning after}

Stardust of Yesterday- Future fic. It's been 7 years since the end of Idol and Kris finally gets a clue.

That Old Black Magic- The fate fic. AU, Adam knows he's meant to be with Kris and just has to wait.

Shelter- Kris is a puppy and Adam is a cat! This fic proves that Jerakeen can write anything. I mean seriously. This is so awesome.

Tangled- AU. Adam is a prostitute and Kris is a doctor. I'm mainly adding this to my list of my favorite Jerakeen's because of one of the sequels, though. The two sequels are Life In Detail and ♥And Dream Away. The first two parts are angsty, but then the third part is the happy ending! {angst}

Seven Months- The moping fic. Future fic, Kris has been moping and Adam wants him to stop.

But I Still Have Dreams- AU. Kris is a robot! {robot!Kris}

Golden- HP universe AU! Kradam meets a unicorn in the Forbidden Forest and have to make it go away with porn! {unicorns} {NEW}

Yeah, that was kind of a lot. Sorry.


This is a list of all of Astolat's Kradam fics (except for the ones in the main list), in order of my favorite.

Astolat's fanfiction site

Stardust- Written for queenbitchfest (and therefore based on David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust"). This is crazy, ridiculously hot. {atmosphere}

In Writing- Kris's contract requires him to move in with Adam. Also with alternate ending: here! (I like the original ending best though; it's like, despite all the protesting, it just kind of works.)

Bodyswap- They swap bodies and then have sex. This is very oddly extremely hot. {body swap} {NEW}

Orchestration- Kris gets a job as a substitute teacher at a school where Adam teaches theater. I love this one! {high school au}

Synaesthesia- Adam has tentacles. You may think that will squick you, but it won't, don't worry. This is the tentacle fic you never knew you wanted to read. But, oh, how you want to read it. {intoxication}

Zen- They are tired and calm and atmospheric and they have sex. {atmosphere}

#krisallenpornstar- Kris films a porno for some extra cash and co-stars with Adam.

Seventh Heaven & other stories- Seventh Heaven is extremely awesome.

Love in the Time of Paper Clips- Sex with office supplies. I mean, using office supplies, not, like, with office supplies. ...Does that actually make it any better? Whatever, it's really hot.

Appetite- They go to a club where people are dressed up in animal costumes. Umm, yes, like furries. But it's still hot!

Rebound- "The strategy had not included getting drunk himself and losing all sense of timing and being the tawdry and expensive rebound sex." {intoxication} {morning after}

Sex Machine- Adam buys a sex machine and Kris helps him set it up.

Proselytizing- Adam shows Kris what he's been missing. (Rimming, that's what he's been missing.) {rimming}

Concessions- Kris won't stop saying nice things about Adam in interviews, so Adam tries to find a way to get him to stop.

Nor Iron Bars- They're in prison AU. {crime au}

Preacher Man- Also includes a bonus drabbles about Adam making Kris buy girl's jeans.

A Matter of Inconvenience- I haven't read this yet (Idk why!), but I'm sure it's awesome.

Authors notes! What happens next.- This is an incredibly awesome post that you should read after you've read all her fics. She answers questions about what non pov characters are thinking during fics, what happens after a fic ends, etc.

This is mostly Kradam with a few Cookleta as well.

♥♥Take What We Want and Give the Rest Away by lux__aeterna, read by podklb

Everything All the Time by battleofhydaspe, read by podklb

Just One Sheep (and Sugar and Spice) by abusing_sarcasm (and cjmarlowe), read by podklb

The Epiphany Series by jerakeen, read by shiningartifact- Links to downloads for the last part and the entire series. Individual downloads for the other parts: Epiphany, The Date, and Be Cool.

Time of Your Life by astolat, read by aphelant- (Cookleta.)

Far Along This Road by jerakeen, read by podklb

All These Things That I've Done by winterlive, read by podklb- (Part 1 is here, if you don't want to download the audiobook of both.)

Paper Gangsta by cynnet, read by podklb

Hungry Boys [Will Do Anything] by holycitygirl, read by shiningartifact

More Myself With You by jerakeen, read by shiningartifact- Only parts 1 and 2 are done yet.

Orchestration by astolat, read by amproof

Hiding In Plain Sight by airgiodslv, read by podklb

House of the Living by astolat, read by rhea314

Stardust by astolat, read by rhea314

Real Forever If by astolat, read by rhea314- (Cookleta.)

Madrigals and Misadventures by astolat, read by rhea314

Out, Damn'd Spot by bexless, read by 4nu815- This is read by a guy! O_o

Pocket-Sized by amproof, read by amproof

That Guy by wearemany, read by zabira

Podfic by me:
Heart Line by cathalin

Resources and lists for people new to Kradam to help them get introduced to the fandom

First, everyone must read We Felt Each Other's Energy and It Was Nice, a Kradam bromance guide by buffyx. That explains most everything and it is epic.

And here are some fanvids that I think are awesome:
What If
Carry a Piece of You
Let It Rock
Again and Again
Freedom Blade
Need You Now
They Move On Tracks of Never-Ending Light
Kradison Crazy mashup

Interviews and performances that are awesome and you must watch:
Water bottle interview, Kris interviews Adam
Water bottle interview, Adam interviews Kris
Headphone splitters interview
I like the top interview
Unedited Tacklehug
Dish of Salt interview
Ford Day banter
Crazy duet at Ford Day
Cockring interview
Kradison Interview Part 1
Kradison Interview Part 2
Crazy from the Kradison concert
Plus he's cute (This is part 4b of the Adam Donors Choose chat. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4a, Part 5.)
Falling Slowly plus banter about Adam

Check out this epic, amazing picspam with quotes by castiels!

Adam's album (zip file)
Other Adam songs (pre-Idol, Idol, etc, download as individual songs)
Can't Let You Go (an Adam bonus track)
Kris's album (zip file)
Other Kris songs (mainly Idol, download as individual songs)
Kris's playlists from playlist.com (zip file of all four)
Kris's Radio Sophie performances (individual songs)
[Allison Iraheta's album (just bonus because it's awesome) (zip file)]

Kris and Adam's music videos:
Whataya Want From Me
Live Like We're Dying
For Your Entertainment
Time for Miracles.

Quoting Kradam- Quotes by Kris or Adam.
A RIDICULOUS (awesome) index of all Adam interviews and performances ever (at hooplamagnet)

Other reclists and lists of fic:
Yeats's reclist
Fic recs by claire_kay
Leviicorpus's reclist
Gargoyles42's Kradam fic masterlist
Kradam Delicious account made by gargoyles42 for kradam_ai's 1 year anniversary
Horrorparties's Delicious
Fic rec post at beepxbeepxbeep from early March (Flocked to all non-members, sorry!)

kradam_ai- A fan community for posting fic, fan art, etc.
beepxbeepxbeep- For serious business tinhatters only
ontd_ai- For all AI related news
kradamsearch- Search for lost fics or specific types of fic here
kradam_news- A bi-weekly newsletter of all things Kris or Adam
hooplamagnet- All Adam news, posted in giant roundups
idolmeta- A place to discuss Idol fic writing
aianonlovefest- An AI kink meme

Miscellaneous other recommendations, mainly graphics or fanmix related.

Wallpapers based on Edge of Desire by John Mayer by glassecafe- Unfortunately, this post is locked unless you're a member of beepxbeepxbeep, but these are gorgeous. Edge of Desire has some really amazing, hot, awesome lyrics, and these wallpapers are a really cool illustration of them. (Links to the individual wallpapers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.)

The Kradam songs mediafire: Basically, I uploaded every song that reminded me of Kradam to a mediafire account and then got members of Beep^3 to do the same. Look through it and feel free to download anything you like! (There are around 280 songs.) (If you're a member of Beep^3, go here to learn how to upload to it.)
All Songs- Started with my 260 song playlist, other people have since added even more songs!
Zip Files- My original 260ish song playlist, in 8 parts, if you're interested in downloading it all at once.
Songs used as fic titles- If It Kills Me, etc.
Songs from fanvids- What If, etc.
Kris's covers (from his individual tour)
Music by Kris or Adam- Brand New Shoes, Kradison concert audio files, Pre Idol Adam, Ford Day audio files, etc.

Good AI icon makers:
mellow_lights- highdreams's graphics community
shalowater- Her Adam tag, Kris tag, and Allison tag.
claire_kay- Her American Idol tag.
keeel_one- Adam tag

Kradam manips by murderaidx- Her manips are definitely the best ever. (Unfortunately, this post is also flocked for only members of beepxbeepxbeep.) (Sorry about all the locked posts.)

murderaidx's Kradam wallpapers, because you really should be able to access them even if you aren't in Beep^3: Watch You Sleeping, Monster, UNF, Mayday, The Scientist, and The Party

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