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It's not too late to feel a little more alive

Make an escape before we start to vaporize

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30 November 1989
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about me

Hi, I’m Lea!

In person I’m a little bit of a crazy person, but online I’m pretty nice.

I’m 22 and I live in the USA. I go to college, but not the type where people live on campus and join fraternities. I’m tall and I have brown hair and eyes.

I enjoy Harry Potter, listening to music, shopping, going to art museums, and sleeping.

I really enjoy how positive and creative livejournal culture is, but I am not very good at contributing to that culture. I try though.

Importantly, if you know me in real life and did not meet me at a con, then GO AWAY RIGHT NOW. Please.

this journal

I mostly use this journal to keep up with fandom-y stuff, but occasionally I’ll post about my real life. I don’t post very often because I find it far more satisfying to speak out loud than to write things down. Also because I find it hard to organize my thoughts linearly. This journal is kind of weirdly friends only, in that entries that I feel like might reveal my real life identity are f-locked. Normally I have no privacy filter, but this is the exception. Also, if you want to friend me, go ahead; I like new friends!

My username comes from the song Sound of Pulling Heaven Down by Blue October.

Credits: My layout is by milou_veronica. My profile code is by gossymer.

fandoms/things I like

-HARRY POTTER. Harry Potter got me into lj and I will always love it most. Ships: Remus/Sirius (my original OTP) and Harry/Draco. Sort of ships: Lily/James, Dumbledore/Grindelwald, and Albus Severus/Scorpius.

-AI Season 8!!! Adam Lambert! Kris! KRADAM! Kradam is one of my major OTPs. :D (My Kradam fic reclist is here. Go check it out!)

-Johnny Weir/Evan Lysacek! I've always loved figure skating, and then these two started sucking me into the fandom!

-Merlin! Merlin/Arthur and Bradley/Colin.

-Inception! Arthur/Eames.

-I just finished A Song of Ice and Fire and I'm getting very into it.

-Doctor Who! (David Tennant is my Doctor and I love Doctor/Rose.)

-Also: Criminal Minds, Gossip Girl (Blair/Chuck), The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Wicked, Peter Pan, and Star Wars: the New Jedi Order (and by this I mean, Anakin/Tahiri was my first ship ever and I love them).

random other stuff

-Sometimes I think about whether or not people would be able to tell if I had been taken over by an alien impersonator and what the tip offs would be.

-Sometimes I do an impression of a vulture. It involves lots of arm flapping.

-I really, really, really hate to wear shoes. They are evil.

-I’ve never been to the dentist. Well this isn't true anymore. :(

-Somebody once told me that there are several types of people when it comes to listening to music: artist people, album people, and song people. I’m definitely a song person. I really enjoy making playlists.

-I really like the faces zebras make when they're scared. Like when they're being chased by a lion or something.


JPG Magazine, a photography magazine made from user submitted photos.

A Softer World, a webcomic of photography and dark, absurdist, uplifting humor.

Hogwarts is Home, a Harry Potter sorting community. Come be sorted at platform_934!

My Twitter, which I use more than I update my journal very rarely.

My Delicious, where I bookmark all the (good) fic I read. Delicious sucks, check out pinboard.in instead. Here's mine: My Pinboard.

My WeHeartIt.


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